Flat Glass and Table Tops

Village Glass Company has been serving South Lyon and the surrounding areas for over 40 years! We carry single strength, double strength, and 1/4 clear glass in stock. We can cut glass of all shapes and sizes for whatever project you are doing. We also carry different specialty glass options (such as seedy, acid etched, grey,  bronze, and more). If we do not have it in stock, we can still get it for you. These are great options for cabinet doors!

Village Glass Company makes custom glass table tops to protect your furniture. We can do almost any shape or size that you need. The majority of our glass tops are made out of 1/4 clear glass. However, if you need a tempered piece or glass that is thicker than 1/4, we can work with you!

Want to replace those wood shelves or update the look in your kitchen? Village Glass can get you custom sized glass shelves for whatever application you need.

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Custom pattern cut glass tops. Made with 1/4″ clear annealed glass and hand polished.




Hand polished dining room top cut from a template to accommodate curves on the sides.



Custom cut circular glass top with hand polish.



Hand polished dining room table top. Custom cut from a template of the patterns on both ends of the table.



On the left, the before picture of a broken window. On the right, the after picture of the window repaired with P62 pattern glass.

Seedy glass (left) and Acid etched glass (right) are the two most common types of glass for cabinet doors.



P62 (left) and Glue Chip (right)